Individual Accounting and Tax Services

  • Personal Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning and Financial Review
  • IRS Representation
  • Expat specialization
  • Trust and Estate Administration

Personal Tax Preparation

Our goal is to help our clients understand the current taxing environment and become more aware of what factors affect their financial situation. Our highly experience staff provides Tax preparation services to our individual’s clients and are available throughout the year for consultation and planning to discuss any life events that may have legal or tax consequences.

Tax Planning and Financial Review

Proper Tax planning is the key to maximizing tax deduction and reducing your tax burden. We actively recommend tax saving strategies to grow your long term wealth. Many of our clients contact us throughout the year to help them review or ask some “What if” questions to determine what actions they should take. There are a number of methods of saving taxes including deferring income to lower tax burden period, using tax exempt or sheltered investments and sometime just reviewing your personal expenses to see if you are actually efficiently structured.

IRS Representation

IRS notices and assessments can be a very daunting thing to receive and in many cases these notices are very difficult to decipher, we have extensive experience working with the IRS and representing individuals and business in front of the IRS. We understand that he IRS is willing to work with individuals and with proper planning and strategies there can be an amenable outcome found.

Expat related services

In today’s world many people do relocate outside of the country for work purposes and need an experience accountant who understands the required tax procedures for these types of professionals. The IRS has been severely penalizing individuals who have not been filing their FBAR’s and will continue to do so. There a number of tax saving strategies available to Expats including foreign tax credits and foreign earned income credits which can significantly taxable income.

Trust and Estate Administration

We understand that for many individuals that dealing with a loved one passing alone can be a difficult situation and then having to deal with their estate can be a daunting task. Our approach is to make the financial aspect of dealing with a person’s estate as simple and straight forward as possible while being very patient and helpful we can assist with Tax filings as well as on going Trust administration.